individualized cinematography

LIVING PAINTINGS mostly have a slow impact. They play with eternity; with a repetition of the same. They resonate with Samuel Beckett’s words: “The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new”. Our job is to take this eternal character and combine it with your personal theme or concept, so that you have a perpetual cinematic portrayal of your desired subject.

Creation . Coffee & cigarettes

Utilizing the elaborate resources of cinema, we stage specific scenes – it does not matter how fancy or sophisticated the topic is. In terms of production, we have access to any point on Earth. To realize a personal LIVING PAINTING and to transform it into a inimitable, handmade gem, we are able to collaborate with almost any artists on the entire universe of film and video art. For us, no distance is too far, no aim is too high, no venue is too trivial. The only precondition is that the contend has whichever way to be predistined to become a monument of eternity and slowness. Finally we create an image of incredible intensity in cinema format, accurately embedded and adapted to space and personal context.

Creation . Heaven17

Our work covers the whole production chain of a LIVING PAINTING, which we offer worldwide – whether the painting is of nature, in a studio, in Switzerland or Syria, down in St. Andreas Fault or up to the Mt. Everest. Service includes: interdisciplinary content exploration and consulting, psychology, scene conceptualization, curating, artwork, film production, high-end live-camera installations, data integration, imaging, screen engineering and artist booking. We work discreetly and confidentially. More about our special film production, idea of atrium, cinematography, producing and meaning of uniqueness.